Miles Irving © 2019

Miles has run bespoke workshops, courses and immersive experiences at venues ranging from international conferences to music festivals and for public, corporate and third-sector groups. His tailored, uniquely values-driven approach means that the style of the medium may change; but the message stays the same. Wild food is tasty, healthy, environmental and benefits all groups of people.


Through working with a diversity of different groups he has been able to show the benefits of foraging for your own food - both mental and physical - for everyone. He combines this with a deep insight of wild flavours and a keenly explorative nature in cooking with wild food to guide, engage and inspire people to make great leaps.

Miles is a master of curating bespoke experiences; from immersive wild food days for many of the country's top restaurants and bars to on-going learning & professional development programmes for various public, corporate and third-sector groups. The world of wild food is waiting to be discovered.



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